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Break the cycle of suffering with proactive treatments that give you life-changing results. At Linden & Arc Vitality Institute, our Functional Medicine practice, led by Dr. Lynne Murfin, seeks to uncover and treat the root cause of your illness, healing you as a complete being, not just a collection of symptoms. Our Functional Medicine clinic provides highly personalized, integrated care based on assessments of your body’s key biological functions, and how you live your life using evidence-based treatments. With precision testing and individualized programming, amazing things begin to happen to your mind, body, and spirit. This is your first step to a happier, healthier and more vigorous you. Take your first steps with us.

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Dr. Murfin founded Linden & Arc Vitality Institute as a sanctuary for growing, learning, and transformation. It is a place where Dr. Murfin provides precise, life-changing, and cutting-edge medicine. 


Named after the healing powers of the Linden tree, Dr. Murfin and her team at the clinic are focused on reshaping your story, renewing your health, and transforming the arc of your life. The Linden tree is known for its adaptability and hardiness, and its blossoms, leaves, and bark are used for botanical healing.  


Through a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to integrative medicine in Calgary, we’ll return you to optimal health. Dr. Murfin facilitates this by proactively empowering patients’ lives, leveraging the precision of science and her passion to draw on an fully integrated, collaborative, and functional approach to medicine. Looking through a progressive lens, Dr. Murfin and her team treat patients with a root-cause philosophy. When paired with our patient centered care, individuals are given the ability to achieve the highest level of health and well-being – and that is when life unfolds in extraordinary ways. 

Dr. Murfin and her team at Linden & Arc Vitality Institute welcome you to an institute dedicated to your vitality through passionate science and transformative care.  

Our Approach

Get a glimpse of your healing journey by learning about our Core Nodes of Healing Model and multidisciplinary approach to transformative care.

Functional Medicine

For those of us who are tired of battling persistent health challenges while struggling to get the right medical support and treatment, Functional Medicine offers an alternative solution. We offer patient-centred, precision medicine that achieves the highest level of health and well-being. Experience healthcare as it should be with our practitioners.

Functional Medicine
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We know that everyone can benefit from our scientific-based, holistic therapies. By using a combination of these treatments, we can focus on alleviating the core symptoms associated with your illness while restoring balance to your biological functions. From IV therapy to virtual care health coaching, we help issues unsolved or uncured by modern medicine.

IV Therapy
Health Coaching &
Functional Nutrition
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Lymphatic Drainage
Transformative Care, Virtually

Maintain and enhance your health transformation when you need it the most with Linden & Arc Vitality Institute’s virtual care service.