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Feeling well is closer than you think. At Linden & Arc Vitality Institute, our Naturopathic approach to viewing and healing allows your body to restore itself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Through physical examination and functional laboratory assessments that determine the root cause of your illness, we empower you with evidence-based natural treatments that holistically support your body’s innate ability to heal, maintain health, and prevent disease.

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Our Naturopaths in Calgary provide relief for individuals who are tired of battling the same persistent conditions while not getting the right treatment from standard practices. Our approach involves combining integrative and evidence-based therapies to treat various conditions and diseases while minimizing prescription drugs or surgery, so your body can heal the way it is supposed to.  

The Best in Naturopathic Care

Dr. Ayla Lester

Naturopathic Doctor (ND)
Dr. Ayla incorporates a holistic approach to viewing your body, focusing on preventative medicine that detects and addresses the root cause of your symptoms. Her approach will restore imbalances and dysfunction in your body.
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Dr. Trevor Hoffman

Naturopathic Doctor (ND)
As one of the most enlightened naturopathic physicians, Dr. Trevor seeks different ways of looking at your health and wellness. He focuses mainly on sports injuries, pain management, regenerative medicine, brain health, and autoimmune disease.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our detailed approach ensures that we collect vital information of your medical history and genetics to determine the origins of your illnesses, building a platform for treatment. Clinical assessment includes a thorough exploration of your symptoms, past medical history, your family’s health history, lifestyle habits (sleep, exercise, stress levels), diet, mental/emotional well-being, and any barriers you might have to optimal health. Physical examination, blood tests and functional laboratory assessments assist in understanding the root cause of your symptoms.

There are six principles that make the foundation of our Naturopathy in Calgary. These include:

1.  Do No Harm

2.  The Healing Power of Nature

3.  Identify and Treat the Causes

4.  Doctor as Teacher

5.  Treat the Whole Person

6.  Prevention

Combined together, these principles help us support all of you healing naturally.

We believe in a complete mind, body, soul approach to living – and our core values are essential for determining the foundation on which you thrive. By incorporating these core pillars of natural health, you’ll be able to create and live a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. These values include: nutrition (a primary foundation); plants (nature’s pharmacy); water (a core element in health); movement (a daily practice); balance (a sustainable, non-chaotic lifestyle), and connection (to nature, purpose, & others). We can explain our values in more depth at your consultation.

We have a seven-step approach to treatment, encouraging natural healing before resorting to traditional medicine. These steps include: removing obstacles to health; stimulating the vis (your body’s healing capacity or life force); strengthening weakened systems; correcting structural integrity; using natural substances to restore and regenerate; using pharmacological substances to halt progressive pathology, and finally, using high force invasive modalities, such as surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.