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Linden & Arc Vitality Institute is a place for transformation, learning, growing, and change! We are a sanctuary where souls align, minds unpack, vitality emerges, and science rules. We refuse to settle for the status quo instead, we push for what is right and what is effective when it comes to your health.

Named after the healing powers of the Linden tree, our Functional Medicine Practice is ready to help you:


RECLAIM your health,

OVERCOME your pain,

CELEBRATE your body,

& EMBRACE your wellness.


At Linden & Arc we are continuously learning and adapting to gain greater insight into the mind, body, and spirit connection. Our doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and coaches treat with a root cause philosophy. When paired with our patient centered care, individuals are given the ability to achieve the highest level of health and wellbeing. 




We are working to help shape the future of transformative healthcare. Everyone patient experiences illness differently, and we believe everyone deserves access to treatments that will work for them.




We are mavericks who transform lives by providing evidence-based medicine that is empowering, personalized, predictive, and precise. Our mission is to help with issues that have been unsolved or uncured by modern medicine, so our patients can move forward to full vitality.




Our passionate team of advocates are blazing a new, better trail within the healthcare system. Our purpose is to heal you as a complete being, not just a collection of symptoms, to renew your health, break the cycle of suffering, and get you on the path to complete physical and mental health.


Values |


Growth: Changing lives requires growth. We are mentors and thought leaders who are constantly evolving our knowledge and skill-sets to enhance the journeys of our patients.


Passion: With deep empathy and a natural calling to health care, we bring unprecedented passion to our work. This passion leads to greater transformations. Passion combined with science is a powerful thing.


Community: To build a foundation of trust, we view patients and practitioners as one community. United in our desire for better health, we listen, share, and support each other.


Transformation: Change happens at many levels; through our empowered, proactive approach we help inspire greater courage, shape beliefs, and healthy mind, body, and spirit. This is truly what transformation is all about.


Meet the Physicians at Linden & Arc Vitality Institute


Dr. Lynne Murfin

Founder and Medical Director


Linden & Arc Arc Vitality Institute's Founder Dr. Lynne Murfin

“Passionate science coupled with transformative care has always been my driver. There is nothing more fulfilling than being able to change the arc of a patient’s life.” – Dr. Lynne Murfin


What is the Linden & Arc Vitality Institute and why do so many people feel, after years of struggle, that they finally found help?


Dr. Lynne Murfin has gained strength, and deep understanding, and built a vast knowledge of Functional Medicine over 34 years of practice. She has found great success achieving healing results in her practice at Lynne Murfin MD. Linden & Arc Vitality Institute was born, out of tremendous frustration with the array of  unused tools in the toolbox of medical science.  Tools that could address the root cause of health issues by understanding what triggered them in the first place.


Dr. Murfin talks often of how  the damp, musty basement, that spider bite years ago, or eating certain seafood on that Caribbean cruise could be the reason for the downward spiral in a patients health. This can manifest as fatigue, chronic pain, and other deliberating symptoms. These symptoms can be remedied with relatively straightforward interventions.


Crystallization that Functional Medicine is the future of health care – is the practical interface for systems biology in clinical care – is pivotal to why Dr. Murfin transitioned from her clinic to create the Institute. The knowledge that the body is a biological system, and everything is connected, is how we transform Medicine from treating symptoms to uncovering and treating the root causes. Often, it’s the system interface of Gut-Brain-Immune needing review. Something as simple as an undetected food allergy can create havoc in the permeability of the gut lining with immune system upregulation in the gut.  This eventually culminates in blood brain barrier permeability with constipation and bloating. It is then accompanied by brain fog, memory loss and headache. This too can be addressed and healed.


The same symptoms often have different root causes and so treatment cannot be one size fits all.  For example, if you have a headache there are multiple possible root causes such as nutrient depletion (e.g. low magnesium and low coenzyme Q10) or possible gut symptoms. Taking Tylenol or Advil rather than addressing the root cause will not solve your issues.


Through finding exceptional doctors who get what Functional Medicine truly is, and mentoring them, Linden & Arc was born. Dr. Murfin and her team are here to help those who are tired of battling persistent health challenges while struggling to get the medical support and treatment they need. Dr. Murfin believes that everyone deserves the highest level of wellbeing and will stop at nothing to heal her patients.


Dr. Michelle Van Der Westhuizen

Functional Medicine Physician


Linden & Arc Arc Vitality Institute's Dr. Michelle Van Der Westhuizen

“My passion for uncovering the root causes of illness goes deep. I have committed to a lifelong journey of learning about all levels of health so that I can better serve my patients. I believe that true healing is possible for everyone, and I hope to empower and educate patients to take control over their own health.”– Dr. Michelle Van Der Westhuizen


Dr. Michelle Van Der Westhuizen, one of Linden & Arc Vitality Institutes Functional Medicine Physician’s, has a passion for helping people uncover the root cause of their illness. Though everyone’s healing journey is unique, Dr. Van Der Westhuizen trusts that true healing is possible for everyone. She feels that medicine is an art that requires more than just textbooks and data, functional medicine requires both the patient and the practitioner’s innate wisdom.


Her favorite question to ask is “But why?”

She understands that your current health tells a story and that when you have symptoms of disease, your body is already out of balance. She believes that we should not have to settle for anything other than our most vital self and that her job is to figure out how to put you back on track.


Dr. Michelle Van Der Westhuizen’s goal at Linden and Arc Vitality institute is to contribute to root cause medicine by studying and exploring the physical, emotional, mental, intuitive, spiritual, and energetic aspects of health so that she can better serve her patients. Dr. Michelle is Canada’s leading Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) physician and often lectures and publishes on the many facets of CIRS.


Dr. Daniel Ruttle

Functional Medicine Physician


 Dr. Daniel Ruttle


“I see Linden and Arc Vitality Institute as an inspiration to change. I hope to see us augment the delivery of medical care for all, refocusing on root causes, rather than symptoms, and offering cures, where previously only symptom management was thought possible.” – Dr. Daniel Ruttle


Dr. Daniel Ruttle is one of Linden & Arc’s Functional Medicine Physicians. He is passionate and committed to providing patients with targeted treatments that optimize their health and restore their natural balance.

His goal is to provide an alternative form of healthcare to those looking to improve their health and wanting to thrive and live abundantly.


Dr. Ruttle understands and appreciates that each individual is on a different health journey. Though he always starts with a conventional medical approach, he enjoys thinking outside of the box to help improve and sustain his patient’s physical, mental, and emotional wellness.


Dr. Daniel Ruttle specializes in optimizing male health and hormones, as well as managing chronic fatigue and pain. He is a CIRS Proficiency Partner graduate and is currently researching and actively seeing patients with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS).


Dr. Trevor Hoffman

Naturopathic Doctor

DipSci. ND

 Dr. Trevor Hoffman


“Healing people, being there to listen to them when others have not is why I wake up each day, excited to live.” – Dr. Trevor Hoffman


As one of the most enlightened naturopathic physicians, Dr. Trevor Hoffman brings unprecedented passion to his work at Linden and Arc Vitality Institute.


Dr. Trevor’s love of healing is part of his life purpose. With his vast experience and continuous endeavor to advance his practices, he is constantly seeking different ways of looking at health and wellness. His foundation and knowledge allow him to help patients with both acute and chronic conditions including musculoskeletal issues such as golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow, all the way through to more complex brain health issues that include Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease. Some of his other focuses include pain management, regenerative medicine, autoimmune diseases, and sports injuries.


Dr. Trevor Hoffman is here to help transform your life through Naturopathic Medicine.


Dr. Ayla Lester

Naturopathic Doctor


Dr. Ayla Lester


“Linden and Arc has big soul purpose behind it. The kind of purpose that when you think about it, it makes your stomach dance with butterflies and your heart skip a beat. It is both an extraordinary and gratifying experience to be a part of something this driven, transforming the course of peoples’ lives, on route to changing the way medicine is practiced around the world.” –Dr. Ayla Lester


As one of Linden and Arc Vitality Institute’s Naturopathic Doctors, Dr. Ayla Lester’s goal is simple; to support you in health, naturally.


Dr. Lester’s holistic approach offers preventative medicine to detect and address the root cause of your symptoms. She incorporates a holistic approach to viewing your body and believes in the healing power of nature – your body’s ability to heal itself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually when provided the proper environment. Using your body’s intuitive roadmap, she focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of imbalances to eliminate symptoms and optimize patient’s wellbeing.


Dr. Lester’s goal is to make this kind of root-cause medicine accessible to everyone so that people can be empowered to make the changes necessary to become their healthiest and most vital selves. She is a CIRS Proficiency Partner graduate and is currently researching and actively seeing patients with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS).


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At Linden and Arc Vitality Institute we are here to break the cycle of unnecessary suffering with pro-active treatments that will improve your quality of life.  It is time you found freedom from pain, fatigue, memory loss, illness, and depression!

Our Calgary, Alberta based clinic offers Functional Medicine Physician Services, Naturopathic Medicine Practitioners, Health Coaches, Massage Therapy, and Nutritionists!

If you are struggling with persistent health challenges contact us HERE and we will guide you through what Linden and Arc Vitality Institute has to offer you.