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Linden & Arc Vitality Institute is a place for transformation, learning, growing, and change! We are a sanctuary where souls align, minds unpack, vitality emerges, and science rules. We refuse to settle for the status quo instead, we push for what is right and what is effective when it comes to your health.


Named after the healing powers of the Linden tree, our Functional Medicine Practice is ready to help you:


RECLAIM your health,

OVERCOME your pain,

CELEBRATE your body,

& EMBRACE your wellness.


At Linden & Arc we are continuously learning and adapting to gain greater insight into the mind, body, and spirit connection. Dr. Murfin and her team treat patients with a root cause philosophy. When paired with our patient centered care, individuals are given the ability to achieve the highest level of health and well-being. 


Meet Your Physician


Dr. Lynne Murfin

Founder, Medical Director, Physician


Linden & Arc Arc Vitality Institute's Founder Dr. Lynne Murfin

“Passionate science coupled with transformative care has always been my driver. There is nothing more fulfilling than being able to change the arc of a patient’s life.” – Dr. Lynne Murfin


Dr. Lynne Murfin has gained strength, and deep understanding, and built a vast knowledge of Functional Medicine over 34 years of practice. She has found great success achieving healing results in her practice at Lynne Murfin MD, renamed as Linden & Arc Vitality Institute in 2021.


Dr. Murfin talks often of how moments in our lives may be defining ones. For examples, the damp, musty basement you used to live in, that spider bite years ago, or eating certain seafood on that Caribbean cruise could be the reason for the downward spiral in a patients health. Over years, these events can manifest as fatigue, chronic pain, and other deliberating symptoms. These symptoms can be remedied with relatively straightforward interventions.


The knowledge that the body is a biological system, and everything is connected, is how we transform Medicine from treating symptoms to uncovering and treating the root causes. Often, it’s the system interface of Gut-Brain-Immune needing review. Something as simple as an undetected food allergy can create havoc in the permeability of the gut lining with immune system upregulation in the gut.  This eventually culminates in blood brain barrier permeability with constipation and bloating. It is then accompanied by brain fog, memory loss and headache. This too can be addressed and healed.


The same symptoms often have different root causes and so treatment cannot be one size fits all.  For example, if you have a headache there are multiple possible root causes such as nutrient depletion (e.g. low magnesium and low coenzyme Q10) or possible gut symptoms. Taking Tylenol or Advil is a bandaid for the larger issues rather than addressing the root cause. Dr. Murfin can help you get down to the root cause of your issues.


Dr. Murfin and her team are here to help those who are tired of battling persistent health challenges while struggling to get the medical support and treatment they need. Dr. Murfin believes that everyone deserves the highest level of well-being and will stop at nothing to heal her patients.


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At Linden & Arc Vitality Institute we are here to break the cycle of unnecessary suffering with pro-active treatments that will improve your quality of life.  It is time you found freedom from pain, fatigue, memory loss, illness, and depression! Our Calgary, Alberta-based clinic offers Functional Medicine Physician Services, Health Coaching, and Massage Therapy. If you are struggling with persistent health challenges contact us HERE and we will guide you through what Linden & Arc Vitality Institute has to offer you.