Understanding Our Core Nodes of Healing Model

At Linden & Arc Vitality Institute, we use the Core Nodes of Healing Model to organize and prioritize any health challenges that you may have. The model focuses on the patient as a whole, peeling back the layers of your health to expose the origins of your issues. Each node represents a set of biological functions that are interconnected, much like a web, all influencing each other. We use these nodes to develop individualized treatment strategies that target the root causes of your illnesses, improving your overall health.

The Seven Core Nodes Of Healing
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The Timeline

During your consultation, we will generate a timeline of your life, incorporating family and health history and significant events that have affected you during your life. We focus on antecedents (eg. genetics), triggers (eg. stressful events) and mediators (eg. ongoing perpetuating factors, such as environmental toxins) to determine patterns and causes of your health challenges.

The Matrix

We will develop a “matrix” that maps out the best course of treatment by displaying which nodes have to be addressed and what changes are needed to promote complete health. This allows us to treat every aspect of your health and well-being, focusing on you as a whole being instead of looking only at the symptoms. We can determine where your issues began, what triggered them and the best way to treat them effectively.