Functional Medicine Health Coaching


Health Coaching, Functional Medicine, and Functional Nutrition are revolutionizing healthcare! 


At Linden & Arc Vitality Institute, our transformative care and Functional Medicine Health Coaching programs work to treat you from the inside out. With the help of Health Coaches, people everywhere are beginning to take charge of their health and wellness. A Health Coach is the solution you’ve been looking for to make lasting changes to your health.  


What is a Functional Medicine Health Coach? 


Functional Medicine Health Coaching is designed to bridge the gap between diagnosis and a complete health transformation. Health coaches are your ally, collaborating with Functional Medicine doctors to help you navigate your evidence-based treatment plan. 


A Functional Medicine Health Coach is a wellness expert who mentors and guides patients on their journey from diagnosis to transformation. They work collaboratively with you and your health care team to ensure you can make and sustain the necessary changes to your health. Through personalized diet and lifestyle plans, they can help you feel your best. 

Our Health Coaches offer you support, education, accountability, and the resources needed to empower you to move forward on your health journey. 


What Does a Health Coach Do? 


Health Coaches use the principles of Functional Medicine to help patients understand their doctor’s plan for their care. They will help you navigate new food plans, dietary changes, and necessary physical activity and protocols. Your Functional Medicine Health Coach is here to help you every step of the way so you can find success.  


Health Coaches will not prescribe or give treatments. Instead, they will show you how to follow your doctor’s directions and help you discover your full potential.  


Ways a Functional Medicine Health Coach Can Help You: 


  • Eliminate inflammation & bloating
  • Overcome poor digestion
  • Get relief from chronic pain
  • Manage food sensitivities, allergies, & intolerances
  • Treat SIBO & IBS
  • Optimize brain health
  • Kickstart weight loss
  • Support overall health & wellness


Discover The Role of Functional Medicine Health Coaching & Nutritional Therapy at Linden & Arc Vitality Institute  


Your nutrition plays a critical role in your health. Food intolerances, food allergies, food sensitivities, poor diets, and a lack of healthy enzymes and nutrients can imbalance digestion and absorption, increasing widespread inflammation.  


At Linden & Arc Vitality Institute, we approach nutrition through a Functional Medicine discipline: we consider each biological function, their interrelationship with your genetics, lifestyle choices and environments, and how food affects your overall health. With evidence-based foundations, our Health Coaching in Calgary will give you the tools to enhance, improve, and transform your health.  


 Our Nutrition Practitioners and Functional Medicine Health Coaches offer personalized nutrition advice and deliver therapeutic nutrition programs. They walk alongside patients as they journey through the protocols assigned by their clinicians. Our Health Coaches’ education, encouragement, troubleshooting, and problem-solving are vital in helping our patients succeed. They will ensure you progress through protocols as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


Our Functional Medicine Health Coaching Program 


Get Treatment for Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) 


CIRS is a challenging condition to navigate, but our Functional Medicine, CIRS Coaching program, can help. This program will assist you with targeted and personalized dietary and nutritional plans and support, lifestyle recommendations, and collaborative meetings to discuss your progress. Click HERE to learn more about CIRS and how Linden & Arc can help you. 


Boost Your Brain Health 


Our coaching program is based on the Bredesen ReCoDe program, reversing cognitive decline. You’ll receive personalized dietary and nutritional plans (potentially Keto/Ketoflex), lifestyle recommendations specific to the ReCoDe protocols, daily support on the Nudge coaching app, and bi-monthly team meetings. 


Food First 


“Food First” is a mantra at our institute, and for a good reason: food sensitivities cause systemic inflammation throughout the body. Our physicians use the “6 R’s to Gut Healing Program” to improve the health of your GI tract and reduce symptoms. Click HERE to learn more about Functional Medicine and the 6 Rs to Gut Healing.  


Dig Deeper 


This program dives deep into your nutrition and lifestyle to get to the root cause of your chronic condition. It is suited to those who require more guidance or will be transitioning to other diets, such as the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) to SIBO/SIFO program. 


Lifestyle Recommendations 


Improving your social and environmental surroundings, reducing stress, increasing mindfulness and exercise, and enjoying positive experiences can revitalize and improve your gut function. Brain power, energy, heart vitality, and hormones can also significantly improve. 


Comprehensive Care 


Our integrative medicine approach gives you the most comprehensive care available, connecting all aspects of your life to treat your diagnosis. Combining nutrition with other research-based treatments, such as IV therapy and TCM, can restore your body’s imbalances. 


Our Foundational Health Coaching Program includes the following:  


  • In clinic or virtual 60-90 minute appointments with your Functional Medicine Health Coach. Meetings will occur as required for seven appointments for the 5-month program or 14 appointments for the 12-month program. 
  • Opportunity for your health coach to accompany you to your appointments with your physicians and to represent you at our weekly ward rounds. 
  • Targeted dietary support in the form of personalized food lists, meal suggestions and recipes.
  • Support with the introduction of new supplement regimens and with troubleshooting possible side effects.
  • Lifestyle recommendations and coaching specific to your protocols and aligning with the Core Nodes of Healing that may include breathwork, limbic retraining, vagus nerve toning, detoxification, and exercise.
  • Daily support on the Nudge coaching app and messaging system that allows you to track and for your health coach to view metrics that are relevant to your progress. 
  • Opportunity to have your questions or concerns addressed by your team quickly. 


Overall, the program is a concierge service that will help bridge the gap between your appointments with your physicians. It will ensure that you keep moving forward through the protocols efficiently and as smoothly as possible.  


Our Functional Medicine Health Coaching program is designed to assist you in your health and vitality journey so you can start feeling your best. 


To book an appointment with a Functional Medicine Health Coach, contact Linden & Arc Vitality Institute HEREto start your transformative health journey. 


Meet The Author 


Nora Kassay-Farkas, Linden and Arc Vitality Institute’s certified Health Coach, is here to support our patients through their Functional Medicine healing journey. Nora is committed to providing substantial nutrition consultation and Functional Medicine coaching to improve and change your overall vitality and well-being. She offers sessions for CIRS, Brain Health, weight loss, and supports autoimmune conditions. To book an appointment with Nora Kassay-Farkas, email [email protected] or call our clinic at 1-587-390-0180.