Lessons from CIRS in Post-COVID Conditions

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“Treatable metabolic and inflammatory abnormalities in Post COVID Syndrome (PCS) define the transcriptomic basis for persistent symptoms: Lessons from CIRS”


In the evidence-based research article linked above, Dr. Michelle and her peers use lessons from CIRS research to analyze potential treatment for post-COVID symptoms. Patients living with COVID long-haul symptoms may appreciate taking a look at the research or booking an appointment to see Dr. Michelle, our lead CIRS Physician, at Linden & Arc Vitality Institute. Email us at [email protected].


About the author:
One of Dr. Michelle’s greatest passions in life is to help people help themselves. She understands that your current health tells a story and that when you have symptoms of disease, your body is already out of balance. She believes that we should not have to settle for anything other than our most vital self and that her job is to figure out how to put you back on track.