Dr. Michelle At CIRSx

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Dr. Michelle van der Westhuizen presented at a CIRS conference – I Dream of GENIE Webinar — CIRSx: Joining the Mission in October 2021. She will feature in the Surviving Mold joint conference with CIRSx with Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker and CIRS Academy Faculty. 

Here is Dr. Michelle’s abstract from her presentation at CIRSx:

“PTSD is a prevalent condition, although very underdiagnosed. We now have a transcriptomic (gene expression) marker, called FKBP5 to further assess PTSD and other chronic stressors. The upregulation of this gene tells us that a patient has an altered response to stress and likely limbic system dysregulation. This activated gene may lead to chronic disease and psychiatric conditions down the line. This presentation dives deep into FKBP5 – what is it, how does its activation disrupt our physiology, what illnesses may occur as a result. Also discussed are potential ways for us to manage this. Currently, this marker is only screened for in our CIRS patients, but has promising future applications in mental health and other illness.”

Below you can watch the full 30-minute presentation:

This video was taken during the CIRSx conference.

About the Author:

Dr. Michelle is the lead physician for CIRS at Linden & Arc Vitality Institute. One of Dr. Michelle’s greatest passions in life is to help people help themselves. She understands that your current health tells a story and that when you have symptoms of disease, your body is already out of balance. She believes that we should not have to settle for anything other than our most vital self and that her job is to figure out how to put you back on track.